Monthly Archives: April 2012

Email your MP time again.

Okay, this is a message for my UK friends & family. I asked you to email your MPs last year and tons of you did which was fab and raised awareness of MND & its effects on people. Now I’m asking you all to do it again.

I’ve lived with MND for nearly nine years and have had to fight for nearly everything I have needed, including equipment, care, financial assistance and equal treatment. The majority of people with MND deteriorate and die within two years. They don’t have the time, knowledge or energy to get into battles with social services, NHS trusts, the DWP, etc., etc. The provision of services needs to be vastly improved.

On 1st May, the ‘What next for Neurology’ Parliamentary Reception for MPs is taking place and is being hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on MND, along with other neurological APPGs and the Neurologial Alliance. People like me with MND need your help to make sure your MP attends this event to hear about the importance of improving services for people with MND and other neurological conditions.

Please will you spare two minutes to send an invite to your MP and share this message with all your friends?


Kate x