Monthly Archives: November 2011

MP update

Well, I’m finally bored with procrastination as a lifestyle choice so it’s time to update you on recent happenings.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally managed to negotiate a face-to-face meeting with my MP. It went well, in that he understood why I was complaining about the PCT’s behaviour and the ridiculousness of the DWP policy on signatures. He said the right things in the right places but lost marks when he completely failed to look me in the eye when I was speaking. Fair enough if you don’t understand my speech but you could at least have the decency to pretend you are interested in communicating and say, ‘Pardon?’ at the end! I think he needs a bit of awareness training. Perhaps when he’s done everything I want him to do for me I’ll educate him, although I’ll have to do it in writing.

Anyway, he confirmed that NHS Berkshire West’s Chief Executive had made no contact with him since promising to investigate in August. Why am I not surprised? He chased it up and just today I received a copy of the letter from the Chief Exec with exactly the same meaningless promise to look into it as he wrote last time. Don’t hold your breath, people! I’m seriously thinking of making the same complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. We’ll see if the PCT can ignore him too.

Rob Wilson also proposed referring my signature issue to Maria Miller, the DWP Minister for Disabled People. I am not too hopeful about her involvement as what I’ve read about her online makes her appear to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

I feel like the meeting was just one more step along a very lengthy path. I don’t know how much I can ultimately achieve but I intend to keep making a nuisance of myself and hopefully people will do what I want them to, if only to get rid of me. I’ll certainly be chasing up the MP if he goes quiet but so far so good.