Speedy MP reply!

I’m not great with redacting PDFs so have decided to post just the text of Rob Wilson’s reply to my complaint here. Who knows what loonies are out there looking at my full name and address? I have more than enough mentalists in my life already. Let me know your thoughts (on the reply, not the mentalists)!

Dear Mrs F,

I am writing to convey my apologies for the situation that arose at my constituency office on Friday October 7 ,2011 when you were unable to gain access for your appointment with me.

It is my intention to make myself available to all my constituents, and this is achieved by holding surgeries in various locations around my Reading East constituency. In the past I have scheduled appointments with my disabled constituents at Woodley Library, which has excellent wheelchair access, and I am also able to meet with disabled constituents at the Warehouse Community Centre. I am disappointed that the system failed on this occasion and can assure you that I have taken steps to ensure this situation is not repeated.

I have asked my staff to update my website to reflect the surgery locations that offer wheelchair access and to be more diligent when scheduling appointments. I have also taken this opportunity to remind my staff about maintaining professionalism at all times.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the length of time you were waiting outside to speak with me. Unfortunately I was already engaged in an appointment with another constituent and was not aware of the situation that developed.

I look forward to meeting with you on Friday.


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