Sodding DWP

Life was going smoothly for a few weeks there but it looks like I’ve found a new battle. I must have looked bored!

Just emailed the EHRC:

I believe that the Department for Work & Pensions are discriminating against me because of my disability.

I have motor neurone disease and as a result am paralysed. As such, I am unable to hold a pen and therefore unable to sign documents. Because of this, against my better judgement, I agreed last year to my friend becoming my appointee for DWP purposes. To do this, I had to declare that I am incapable of managing my affairs. At the time, my survival rested on my receipt of benefits so I allowed this to happen only to facilitate my financial security. I no longer rely on means-tested benefits but still receive Disability Living Allowance and Incapacity Benefit.

In April of this year I began the process of applying for a wheelchair accessible vehicle through the Motability contract hire scheme. Recently, my DWP appointee was informed by Motability Operations that it would be her who would be held legally responsible for the car, not me. For obvious reasons, neither her nor I were willing for this to happen. I am more than capable of taking responsibility for my own car plus she has no wish to have any liability for a car which she has no control over the use of.

I informed the DWP that my friend was no longer willing to be my appointee over the phone and submitted the forms with a ‘P.P.’ signature, as instructed by the vehicle supplier. However, when they submitted the forms to the DWP the process ground to a halt. My mother telephoned the DWP to inquire what the problem was. They refused to divulge any information to her or me and informed her that if I was unable to sign the form then I would be unable to have a car on the Motability scheme.

I intend to make a complaint to the DWP but am I right in claiming that they are breaching the Equality Act 2010 by not making reasonable adjustments to the service that they provide? Surely I should not have to hand over my autonomy to someone else because the DWP have not anticipated my inability to hold a pen and sign? I’m certain that I am not the only service user with a brain that functions but hands that don’t.

I await your advice. Thank you very much for your assistance.


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