PCT update

For those of you who are interested, this is the letter that I sent to my MP, Rob Wilson, last week:

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Thank you for your letter of 27 July 2011 in which you informed me that you were in contact with C. W., the Chief Executive of NHS Berkshire West, regarding a letter which you received from my consultant neurologist, Dr. R. H., of UCL.

I very much appreciate your attention to this matter to date. To ensure that you receive an accurate representation of the facts, I have attached a chronology of my dealings with the department in charge of Continuing Healthcare at NHS Berkshire West. I apologise for the length of the document but, as you will note, it took me 18 months of extremely hard work to achieve being assessed correctly as to my eligibility for Continuing Healthcare funding.

I have also emailed you recently regarding an inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on motor neurone disease (MND) which found that many patients are not receiving access to specialist palliative care and are being left to suffer the debilitating effects of the disease alone. I wrote asking you to sign the Early Day Motion 1943 and to write to the PCT to make them aware of the APPG’s findings.

I would therefore appreciate being able to meet with you to discuss not only my specific case but also the wider implications of our local PCT withholding vital care from MND sufferers.

Yours sincerely, etc.

Apparently, he’ll respond within 14 days, so I’ll post his reply when I get it. I’m really looking forward to a meeting with someone who a) shouldn’t lie and b) has some power to change the way the PCT behave. I’m probably being naive and stupidly optimistic but I still hold out some hope! If I didn’t I’d have given up years ago.

For anyone who’d like information on the Early Day Motion 1943 and who could email their own MP (hint hint! It takes five minutes and every email raises awareness that little bit more, so please think about doing it), check out MND Campaigns.


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