Hello crips (and normals).

So, last Friday I was sitting on my bum, ranting about the ridiculous antics of the idiots at my local PCT (Primary Care Trust, for those of you lucky enough to be blissfully unaware of such things). Then my gorgeously brainy sister said, ‘I can’t believe we’ve never thought of it but you should write a blog!’. So I am. And this is it.

For the past seven-and-a-half years I have had motor neurone disease, also known as MND or ALS. This basically means that on the outside of me nothing much works that well anymore but on the inside I’m as perfectly well-adjusted as the next person. I’ve spent a large proportion of those seven-and-a-half years persuading idiots in various positions of authority that, no, I actually am disabled and, given the choice, I’d love to wipe my own butt and not entertain many odd and hysterical women in my own home, but, until someone discovers a cure for this delightful disease I could do with a few of the things our goverment proudly claim they provide for people like me. Hahaha.

My longest and hardest fight so far has been with my local PCT; they have managed to make one basic request for fully-funded NHS Continuing Healthcare drag on for 17 months to date with no clear end in sight. While I researched what the Department of Health decree should happen in the eligibility assessment process, I discovered that no-one in the medical profession appears to have been informed of or consulted on these matters. This is where I come in. I’m very aware of the fact that while my PCT have farted around delaying the process of my application, most people with my illness would have died. In fact, I know of at least three people, one a personal friend, who did die whilst waiting. My hope and intention with this blog is to provide anyone currently in the dark about their rights with the information that they need to apply and be properly assessed for their eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. Watch this space!


2 responses to “Hello crips (and normals).

  • the elderly Uncle David

    Well done and goforit. All public services should be responsive to their clients and should benefit from articulate, informed commentary – just like DoJNI does 🙂

  • Etmond Palamani

    Excellent Blog, Please do me a favour making less humorous as I could not stop LOL. Well done Kate, its a really good thing to do. There are loads of people out there in the dark, being people with MND or simply the general public, that are so naive and think we have this wonderful system where people like you are really cared for. Good luck,

    Looking forward for the next rant…… 🙂 x

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